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David Olshansky & Associates is an established domestic violence law firm located in Chicago, Illinois. For over two decades, the practice has dedicated itself exclusively to criminal defense. As attorneys we have defended every type of domestic violence related crime, quasi-criminal allegations, Orders of Protection, and No Stalking Orders. The firm also assists people in need of obtaining Orders of Protection and No Stalking Orders.

Domestic Battery – Orders of Protection – No Stalking Orders Violations of Orders of Protection – Child Endangerment

The Domestic Violence firm has a strong track record of obtaining favorable results during trials, motions, negotiations and the appeals process. Through skilled legal service and personalized attention, we are committed to providing a level of representation that makes us the top domestic violence law firm in Chicago.

We will Never Promise You a Result We can't Produce

David Olshansky understands that facing a criminal charge is one of the most serious events of your life. The firm will do everything in our power to help you mitigate the consequences of your charge. Our desired goal is always winning through acquittal and jail avoidance. Our lawyers offer honest and practical advice to help you understand your legal position, and allow you to make informed decisions about your own future.

Our Office is Blocks From the 555 W. Harrison Street Courthouse

Almost all Domestic Violence, Orders of Protection and related cases that arise from charges in the city of Chicago are heard in the Courthouse located at 555 W. Harrison St. in Chicago. The Domestic Violence Firm is located only a short walk from the courthouse ensuring that the attorneys have easy access to the courthouse at all times.

Our Approach to Criminal Defense – Detailed Preparation – Experience – Strategy

Chicago domestic violence attorney David Olshansky doesn’t just prepare for a case, he over prepares. With time intensive and quality reviews of the evidence combined with detailed interviews with the client and witnesses Through detailed discussions with our clients and in-depth reviews of witnesses and evidence, the firm creates the best defense and offense for all legal arguments that will best serve the client. From decades of learning the technical intricacies of the violence justice system and deep knowledge of the criminal statutes, we create effective legal strategies which secure the best interests of our clients. It is through this meticulous preparation and knowledge of the relevant case law, that The Law Office of David Olshansky has an established reputation of strongly supporting clients’ legal positions throughout the community.

They Come on Strong Because They are Confident in Their Strategies

With an exclusive focus on domestic violence and related cases, David Olshansky and Associates is in a strong position to favorably resolve your legal matter. Contact our firm at 312-203-5500 and ask to speak with a Chicago Domestic Violence Lawyer. David Olshansky doesn’t back down, he makes the other side back down. We have a “take no prisoners” approach when they come at us hard we come back harder. Sometimes you win more battles with sugar than fly swatters, but sometimes you have to go all in for a war. Both of these are options, but every case is different, and every case needs a different strategy.

Why You Need an Attorney

There are so many reasons a person may say that “they don’t need an attorney for these types of cases,” but there are so many more reasons that a person does need an attorney: The potential of jail time for a criminal charge, the potential financial loss of mandated court costs, fines and fees, community service, Court orders that prohibit your conduct and contact with people, Court mandated intervention programs and counseling, a conviction on your record that could preclude future employment and future financial situations such as your credit or obtaining a loan; all of these things potentially could be avoided if you hire an attorney that knows these areas of law and fights to protect you from all of the consequences that you would be facing. Also, on the other hand, if you are the victim of Domestic Violence there is also the possibility that you may not be able to get the justice you deserve, or the order of protection that could save you from other future abuse. All of these things can be better litigated when you have a professional lawyer who understands these issues and is on your side. No one should stand up in front of a judge who has the ability to change their life forever without having the attorney that possibly keep that judge’s decision in their favor. Please don’t think of it as how much it cost, because the fees are reasonable, rather think of how much it will cost you in life if you lose.

Attorney David Olshansky
David Olshansky

Mr. Olshansky founded the Domestic Violence firm to concentrate completely on domestic violence and related issues. His practice is limited to only issues which arise out of domestic criminal and quasi-criminal cases...

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